All about GPT4 BETA

I have finally been given access to the GPT4 BETA! 馃コ

And now that I have access to it I will show in this article all about it, what improvements it makes over GPT4, what extra features they have added, how it works, if it is more useful or not, etc.

How to activate GPT4 BETA 馃槑

To start you must have access to it, in order to have access to it you have to be a ChatGPT PLUS user, which costs around $24 per month.

If you are already a plus user, to know that you have access to the BETA, the interface should look like this:

If this is your case, you must go to the bottom left, where your account is and in settings you will find the options to activate the BETA.

And now, let’s get started!

New features of GPT4: The BETA馃И

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are two new versions that we will be able to use: browser and plugins.

GPT4 Browser 馃攳

If we activate this version of GPT4, when the AI itself sees it necessary, it will search the Internet for information.

For example, if we ask him about my website,, which is not very famous and has just been created, GPT4, without telling him anything, will understand that he should look it up, and he does.

We can ask it for example: “what does this article say:” and we give it the URL of the article, and GPT4 will access that website, read the article and answer us what we want about it.

We can tell it the name of 4 programs for example, or 3 stores, or whatever, and ask it to look them up and give us x information.

And a long etc. In summary, when we use GPT4 in its Browser version, it will search the Internet when it interprets that it is necessary, and it will also do it if we ask it explicitly or if we give it the URL to visit.

Note: I have the impression that GPT4 loses reasoning power and that it wastes resources when it is in browser mode, so I recommend not to activate it if it is not necessary to search in web sites for the task we ask it.

Of course, this is a great improvement for GPT4, but it is also true that for those who have known how to search, it could be used since before the BETA through Perplexity, a search engine that integrates chatgpt and now gpt4, as I mentioned in this article.

GPT4 Plugins 馃攲

Perhaps the most interesting update is the access to plugin integration.

Basically you could say that in this particular case, a plugin is a code structure that uses GPT4 and usually contains a database.

Here are two examples of available plugins:

WolframAlpha Plugin for GPT4

For those who don’t know it, WolframAlpha is a tool, a mix between a search engine and a database, as well as a calculator, oriented to science. Basically, it contains data such as the size of the Earth, cities, populations, molecules, etc. And calculators and search engine.

With this plugin, GPT4 itself will, when it sees fit, use the Wolfram API to give you the inputs it deems appropriate and then integrate the result into the response it gives to the user.

GPT4, although it is good at reasoning, can make mistakes in simple mathematical operations. With this plugin, that problem is over.

PDF Plugin for GPT4

With this plugin we can read PDF’s easily with GPT4 and once you have read it you can answer anything about that document, and no matter if the PDF is hundreds of pages long, in a few seconds we can ask GPT4 for a summary, what are the main points, what conclusions you draw, if something is said or not in the PDF, the conclusions you draw, or a question that we think is answered in the PDF. For example, we can upload a PDF of the Treasury regulations and we can ask you that given our case (we explain what it is), inform us of what applies to us from that PDF. The same with legal documents (as we will see in the next point), science documents, etc.

Plugin Prompt Perfect

This plugin allows us to use GPT4 to create good prompts for myself and other artificial intelligences such as StableDiffusion, Midjourney, etc.

Plugin LikeWise

This plugin connects to the LikeWise database, so when we ask for a review or a recommendation of similar movies or games, it will use that database to give us accurate information and metadata such as where we can see them, on which platforms, genres, etc.. As well as links and images.

Comparison: GPT4 vs GPT4 BETA: Plugins+Browser 馃

No vs With the WolframAlpha plugin

Left ImageRight Image

No vs With the plugin to read PDF

Left ImageRight Image

Basically with normal GPT, we can only copy and paste pages from a PDF document, for example if the document has 160 pages, we can give it in 10 pieces of 16 pages, also it will only remember each piece, not the entire document. With plugins like this one we give the URL of the PDF, it will read it and it will answer us what we need to know about it, this is possible because it will probably make summaries and headlines and it will call itself recursively bsucing the information in the PDF. This plugin is very useful.

Without vs With Perfect Prompt plugin using StableDiffusion

Left ImageRight Image