How to use Anthropic Claude

What is Claude?🧠

Claude is an artificial intelligence in the field of natural language, similar to chagpt. Claude was developed by the San Francisco company Anthropic. Claude has high intelligence but what makes it stand out is its “window time”, that is, the amount of tokens it can be “aware” of when speaking. Specifically, 100k tokens.

To put it in perspective, chatgpt has 2k tokens, and GPT4 in its standard version has 8k tokens.

In other words, Claude can process 100 pages remembering everything.

Anyone who likes artificial intelligence, as a hobby or passion, or for those who are using it for business, or simply because they are curious, will want to try Claude. Together with Bard(PALM2) and GPT4, Claude is one of the 3 most advanced AIs in its field today.

In addition, Anthropic has received $300 million in funding from Google.

But using it is not so simple

How to access Claude for testing and use 🧏

The official way 🏢

The way to get access to Claude is to ask Anthropic for permission, if they give it to us we can have access to the playground and the API. But Anthropic will ask you to answer a bunch of questions about why you are using it, who you are, etc. And then, it will approve you to access Claude, or not. That is, it’s not available in a commercial way like chatgpt/gpt4 is right now, but Claude is like chatgpt or gpt4 was at the beginning, when you had to ask for access and be approved or not.

You can request access to Claude on Anthropic’s website:

Get access to Claude.

In addition, on Anthropic’s website, apart from requesting access, they also allow you to use it in a limited way in Slack.

Get instant access: alternatives ⚡

Don’t you want to wait? Try Claude with no questions asked and no waiting time. I have found 3 websites that do have access to Claude and offer it for free but in a limited way like, paid and not limited like, or one week free like and then paid if we want to continue. On this website that we can register in a moment, has a playground where we can talk simultaneously with Chatgpt and Claude, so that we can compare them. But it is limited, the answers are shorter than those given by both chatgpt and claude if we were to use them directly. This website offers playground where we can talk with Chatgpt, GPT4, OpenAssistant, Alpaca, and several versions of Claude. It is paid, we will have to pay at least 5$ to use it, and it will spend more or less credit depending on the AI we use. It is very useful to compare different AIs, or to be able to use them all without registering or paying in many places, and it is also useful to be able to test Claude without so many limits, without waiting and without having to be approved by Anthropic. It is a website developed by the famous question and answer website Quora. allows its users to create chatbots using different AIs, including GPT4, Claude, ChatGPT, and many others. In order to use it you have to give your debit card (Visa or Mastercard) and you will access the promotion: a free week using these artificial intelligences. And you can unsubscribe before the end of the week and nothing will be charged. Or let them be charged if you want to continue with the service.