Papers Artificial Intelligence

  • Are Emergent Abilities of Large Language Models a
    : Researchers suggest that artificial intelligences such as GPT4, where it is claimed to have reached AGI or not so much, but if “sparks” of AGI. In reality it would be a confusion. Since there would not be emergent properties that arise outside the training but by training them under unknown parameters, then they have unknown capabilities, but once well localized parameters really do not emerge emergent properties. Although the paper itself does not rule out that in fact it does occur, what it attributes is that it is being attributed by false emergent properties.
  • Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence
    Early experiments with GPT-4
    : The researchers suggest that GPT4 may be the beginning of an emerging and incomplete AGI. There may be a conflict of interest with this paper because the researchers are from Microsoft, which has funded OpenAI.
  • GPTs are GPTs: An early look at the labor market impact potential of large language models: Analyzes the impact of GPT models on the U.S. labor market, concluding that a significant percentage of jobs could be impacted by GPT models.
  • CoDi: Any-to-Any Generation via Composable Diffusion: A model capable of receiving any input and responding in any format. For example, with the input “green car”, it can generate text, or a video with audio where you see a green car and hear the noise of a car. Also with the ability to “state of art” in each of the fields, but all of them combined.