What is CharacterAI and how it works

What is CharacterAI and how does it work 馃摉

Character.ai or ChatacterAI, is an artificial intelligence based on deep learning and neural networks, and also a web platform where chatbots are served, in each chatbot there is a character, hence the name of the platform “character”. The character can be a historical character such as Freud, DaVinci or Newton, as well as fictional characters such as TV characters, novel characters, etc.

馃攷Who created CharacterAI? It was created by two former Google engineers named Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, both of whom were employed on the LaMDA project, one of Google’s advanced artificial intelligences. The platform was launched in September 2022.

How CharacterAI works

CharacterAI is free, and you only need an email address and password to register.

Once registered, we can choose from thousands of chatbots to chat with as I mentioned before. Unlike other platforms and artificial intelligences, such as the well-known ChatGPT. In Character, the idea is to create characters with their own personality.

And any user can create their own! 馃槺

How to create a character in CharacterAI馃И

You can define a character, choose a profile picture, a name, a short and a long description, you can also choose if it can generate images (yes, apart from chatting it can generate images) and that’s it. You have created a character.

You should know that the descriptions serve to shape the personality of the bot, and also at the end you will see the option “Edit Details(Advanced)”, if you select it, you can upload conversations with which the bot will train and try to imitate the style of the conversations you upload, the personality and way of thinking and expression underlying it.

And that’s it, we will have created a new character, once that is done, we will be able to chat with him/her!馃コ

And over time, each character is also trained with the conversations they have with users. That is why in the chat interface we will see little stars and other options to evaluate the answers, we can not evaluate, but if we do we will be reinforcing a behavior against others.

Another option is to select the key that we will see to the right of each message generated by the AI, if we press it, it will create alternative answers and we will be able to continue the conversation by the answer we want.

Another option, when you create a character you can choose if you can only use it to chat (in private), only the people you choose and give the link, or directly public in which case anyone who registers on the web can use your chatbot.

ChatRooms: This is another tool that we can use, in this case it is not about creating a character to chat with him, but we create a room where we put to talk to different characters, for example, we can put to chat to Ghandi with Newton, and we can also write the objectives pursued by each one in the conversation.

Famous people 馃

Some of the famous people and others you can chat with at Character are:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Michael Jackson.
  • Freud.
  • A psychologist.
  • Character Assistant: Try to be a helpful assistant.
  • Hu Tao.
  • Yae Miko.
  • Gigachad: it’s pretty funny.
  • Stalin.
  • Harry Potter.
  • Hermione.
  • Elon Musk.
  • Alan Turing.

And the list goes on in a sea of characters.

The Makiai bot 馃

I have created a bot specialized in talking about artificial intelligence and recommending AI-based tools.

You can talk to my bot at CharacterAI here.

Opinion about Character.ai 鈾ワ笍

It is an interesting proposal, it seems that it is not so much focused on being useful, like ChatGPT, as a work tool, and it is more focused on being a bot to have a pleasant conversation, in an everyday sense. And the casualness and naturalness with which Character’s bots speak, have little to do with ChatGPT or GPT-3, etc.

In addition, these bots have the ability to reason and very extensive knowledge, but it depends a lot on how we talk and how they are trained, they will be more like a utility or not. And finally remember that although it may not seem like much now, an AI like Character’s was science fiction 2 years ago.

CharacterAI Website.

Docs for CharacterAI.